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Posted By admin On 10.09.21
  1. Denoise Audio In Premiere

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AudioDenoise™ by CrumplePop is a plugin that automatically removes hiss and background noise from your audio – right inside Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro.

  • Automatically cleans up your audio
  • Removes microphone hiss, fan noise, and room noise
  • Easy – just drag and drop

Download Free TrialorPurchase for only $99

Download Free TrialorPurchase for only $99

Powerful Noise Removal Algorithm

If your video has noisy audio, it makes your project look bad. A hiss in the background is distracting and it instantly makes your video look amateurish. AudioDenoise™ by CrumplePop actually removes this noise from your audio, leaving you with a clean, polished sound. It seems like magic, but the secret is the powerful noise removal algorithm at the heart of AudioDenoise™, designed specifically for video editors.

Automatically Clean Up Your Audio

Denoise Audio In Premiere

AudioDenoise™ works automatically – there is no need to painstakingly select noise regions first. AudioDenoise™ analyses the audio in your video, identifies the unwanted noise, and removes it.

We know that as a video editor, the last thing you want to do is spend hours tweaking your audio. AudioDenoise™ is such useful plugin, and is applicable to so many video projects, that we think you will be amazed at how many projects you use it on.
Easy – Just Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop Audio Plugin

AudioDenoise™ is a very simple plugin. You just drag it onto your audio, and it instantly removes background hiss. There is exactly one control – a “Strength” slider that lets you fine-tune. That’s it. AudioDenoise™ is designed for video editors, not sound technicians.

AudioDenoise Tutorial in FCP X

AudioDenoise Tutorial in Premiere Pro

Download Free TrialorPurchase for only $99

In this Adobe Premiere Pro CC video editing tutorial, Alli shares 2 different ways to quickly and easily use an audio effect to remove unwanted background noise in your audio!

Hey! I’m Alli.

In this Premiere Pro tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use an effect that will quickly and easily remove annoying background noise in your audio. This effect works best at reducing and removing consistent background noise like the hum or buzzing of your computer, or the air conditioner, but this effect won’t work so well for you if you have a lot of random inconsistent background noises. So let’s take a listen to this clip and see what we’re working with. Side note, it will be easier to hear the background noise if you’re wearing headphones while you’re watching that wavy sort of distorted lines.

So let’s reduce and see if we can even remove that background noise. To do that, we want to work in the audio track mixer window to bring it up go up to the window, and select the audio track mixer. We have the a1 track here that we’re going to be working on. This will affect the a1 track with our audio on it.

Let’s click on this little dropdown menu here and choose noise reduction restoration and denoise. Let’s double click on it to bring up our track effects editor by default the amount this effect is set to be at 40 percent let’s bring the slider all the way to 100 and have a listen here that wavy sort of distorted lines.

At 100% the background noise is almost completely gone but this has also made my voice sound sort of nasal, and that’s because as we’ve removed the frequencies in the background noise we’ve also removed some of the frequencies of my voice. So 100 is too much, let’s try 50 which sounds better. I don’t like to push this effect really too much past 50% because it make my voice start to sound robotic. However, depending on the audio you’re working with and the background noise you’re trying to remove, you might want to push it a little bit further.

These little icons are where you can choose to have this effect focus on. I tend to be happy with the results of the focus on all frequencies but you do have several different options here. You can focus on denoising the lower frequencies mid frequencies lower and higher frequencies or the higher frequencies. I like to focus on all frequencies, so I will select that again. If you want to quickly hear the before and after you can turn the effect on and off by clicking this bypass the effect icon.

So here’s what this audio clip sounded like before and here’s what it sounds like with the denoise effect. So the denoise effect did a great job of removing that background noise. I’ll just x out of that and in the audio tracks mixer. If you want this effect that you just customized on the a2 drag, for example, you can just click on it and drag it over. So you can also quickly turn the effect on and off by clicking on this effects button.

Let’s say you have several different audio files and you want to put the denoise effect on just one of them. First what you want to do is, in the audio track mixer, click on the drop-down menu that says denoise and choose none to remove that effect on that track. Next, we can go into our effects window type in the noise, and in the audio effects, noise reduction restoration folder grab the noise and drag it onto whichever audio clip you’d like. To make adjustments you can go into effect controls there’s the denoise effect choose edit, and just like when we put denoise on the entire a1 track, you would adjust the amount to your liking.

There you go!

Those are two different ways to use the denoise effect in Premiere Pro to reduce and remove background noise in your audio. Thanks for checking this video out. If you want to stay up to date with the latest filmmaking tutorials and gear reviews, subscribe to our channel because we release weekly videos about both.

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