2013 Honda Metropolitan Scooter Manual

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Does anyone have actual knowledge about what comes out of the pink wire from the ignition switch in the off and on positions on a 2013 Honda Metropolitan (air cooled AF70)? I have the factory service manual with wiring diagram, but Honda keeps this primitive form of anti-theft system as a secret. Honda CHF50 Metropolitan Online Scooter Service Manual. 2013 Honda Metropolitan NCH50 Scooters. Service / Repair / Workshop Manual. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Fully bookmarked and searchable digital download of the above listed service manual. All of our manuals come as easy-to-use PDF files. Our downloads are FAST and EASY to use.

This 2013 2014 2015 Honda NCH50 Metropolitan Service Manual describes the proper methods and procedures for performing service, maintenance and repairs on 2013 2014 2015 Honda NCH50 Metropolitan scooters.

Table of Contents

General Information
Frame/body Panels/exhaust System
Pgm-fi System
Ignition System
Electric Starter
Fuel System
Lubrication System
Cylinder Head/valves
Kickstarter/drive Pulley/driven Pulley/clutch
Final Reduction
Engine Removal/installation
Front Wheel/brake/suspension/steering
Rear Wheel/brake/suspension
Battery/charging System
Wiring Diagram

Honda NCH50 Metropolitan Service Manual Index of Topics

Air Cleaner
Air Cleaner Housing
Battery Maintenance Lid
Body Panel Locations
Body Panel Removal Chart
Brake Light Switch
Brake Lock Operation
Brake Shoes Wear
Brake System
Cable & Harness Routing
Cam Chain Tensioner Lifter
Camshaft Holder/cylinder Head
Center Cover
Charging System
Clutch Shoes Wear
Clutch/driven Pulley
Component Location
Cylinder Heada/alves
Engine Removal/installation
Final Reduction
Front Wheel/brake/suspension/steering
Fuel System
Kickstarter/drive Pulley/driven Pulley/clutch
Rear Wheel/brake/suspension
Crankcase Assembly
Crankcase Breather
Crankcase Separation
Crankshaft Inspection
Cylinder Compression Test
Cylinder Head Cover
Drive Pulley
Dtc Index
Dtc Troubleshooting
Electrical System Location
Emission Control Systems
Engine Hanger Link
Engine Idle Speed
Engine Installation
Engine Oil
Engine Oil Strainer Screen
Engine Removal
Eot Sensor
Exhaust Pipe Stud Bolt
Final Drive Oil
Final Reduction Bearing Replacement
Final Reduction Case Assembly
Final Reduction Case Separation
Final Reduction Inspection
Floor Panel
Flywheel/stator/ckp Sensor
Frame Body Cover
Front Brake
Front Cover
Front Fender
Front Shock Absorber
Front Top Cover
Front Wheel
Fuel Injector
Fuel Line
Fuel Line Inspection
Fuel Meter/fuel Level Sensor
Fuel Pump Unit
Fuel Tank
Handlebar Cover
Handlebar Switches
Headlight Aim
Ignition Coil
Ignition Switch
Ignition System Inspection
Ignition Timing
Inner Cover
Intake Pipe
Intake/exhaust Shrouds
Left Crankcase Cover
Lighting Voltage Inspection
Lubrication & Seal Points
Lubrication System Diagram
Luggage Box
Main Relay
Maintenance Schedule
Mil Circuit Inspection
Model Identification
Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners
02 Sensor
Oil Pump
Pgm-fi Connector Location
Pgm-fi Symptom Troubleshooting
Pgm-fi System Diagram
Pgm-fi System Location
Pgm-fi Troubleshooting Information
Rear Brake
Rear Fender
Rear Grip
Rear Shock Absorber
Rear Wheel
Sensor Unit Power Line Inspection
Service Information
Battery/charging System
Cylinder Heada/alves
Electric Starter System
Engine Removal/installation
Final Reduction
Frame/body Panels/exhaust System
Front Wheel/brake/suspension/steering
Fuel System
Ignition System
Kickstarter/drive Pulley/driven Pulley/clutch
Lubrication System
Pgm-fi System
Rear Wheel/brake/suspension
Service Rules
Side Cover
Spark Plug
Starter Motor
Starter Pinion
Starter Relay
Steering Head Bearings
Steering Stem
System Diagram
Battery/charging System
Electric Starter System
Ignition System
System Location
Battery/charging System
Electric Starter System
Ignition System
Technical Feature
Throttle Body
Throttle Operation
Torque Values
Battery/charging System
Cylinder Heada/alves
Electric Starter System
Final Reduction
Frame/body Panels/exhaust System
Front Wheel/brake/suspension/steering
Ignition System
Kickstarter/drive Pulley/driven Pulley/clutch
Lubrication System
Rear Wheel/brake/suspension
Turn Signal Light
Turn Signal Relay
Under Cover
Valve Clearance
Wiring Diagram

2013 Honda Metropolitan Owners Manual Pdf

2009 Honda Metropolitan Scooter Manual

2013 Honda Metropolitan Owners Manual Pdf - Among countless folks who receive 2013 Honda Metropolitan Owners Manual Pdf soon after acquiring a Honda auto, only couple of of them want to spend hrs digging details in the book. This is often fairly frequent within the society because manual book is regarded as complementary bundle, absolutely nothing much more. In reality, owner’s manual serve thorough information and facts about your car, and you also are supposed to learn about this ahead of operating the car.

2013 Honda Metropolitan Owners Manual Pdf by Honda Owners Manual

People tend to neglect the manual books that they receive because of the lack of information relevant for the book itself. What is essentially 2013 Honda Metropolitan Owners Manual Pdf? What does it supply? What is the significance to commit hrs reading through the book? To obtain commenced, let’s figure out what essentially manual book is.


Usually, manual book is a certain book presented by every single automaker that has any information and facts, directions, the way to, and warning about certain product. As a result, each solution version commonly includes diverse owner’s manual because the knowledge is adjusted towards the actual functions. By reading through and knowing the book, it suggests you receive to closer for your auto. Hence, it aids you determine which really should be carried out and which should not.

Honda Metropolitan Service Manual Pdf

In terms of the significance of possessing, reading, and knowing the book, it could be connected towards the data contained from the manual. Because the book offers all info regarding the certain auto, it provides you thorough comprehension about the characteristics from the motor vehicle. Apart from, furthermore, it will allow you to operate the car as outlined by the instructions of automaker. This is often regarded as the safest.

Right after recognizing the significance of 2013 Honda Metropolitan Owners Manual Pdf, definitely you could identify why such type of book is really wanted. By being aware of the information, the opportunity is you'll give the ideal remedy towards the motor vehicle. As success, there won't be sizeable issue or maybe breakage because you have misused the car. It truly is not a shock to understand that more people today are wanting to locate the manual book both on-line or offline.

2006 Honda Metropolitan Manual

It's accurate that owner’s manual book is now readily available in two versions, offline and on the net. The offline model, or authentic book, is often integrated to the bundle for each purchase. This may be an excellent solution in the event you aren't genuinely into technological innovation, or should you do not wish to have tired eyes for watching laptop or smartphone to read through the book.

A further option of 2013 Honda Metropolitan Owners Manual Pdf is on line version, which commonly comes in type of PDF. Where to get this important file? There are a number of ways you can take to obtain PDF owner’s manual. Automaker appears to understand the demand of productive manual book, thus nearly all of them get started to release owner’s manual in PDF version. It can be readily available on their official website, like Honda. You only ought to input facts about your motor vehicle (year and type) and click Go. The website will course of action and show you the outcome.

Apart from, the manual can also be obtained via third-party internet websites. Within this situation, you'll want to be seriously cautious simply because the manual may possibly not be as legitimate as a single you find over the official web site of your automaker. Furthermore, some internet sites require you to register, for that reason it is considered as impractical. For reliable third get together internet site, you may choose eBay or Amazon.

What is the variation among real book and on line book? For those who are evaluating offline and on the internet book in the official sources for instance purchase package and automaker’s official website, you are going to not uncover sizeable variations. Having said that, in the event you obtain 2013 Honda Metropolitan Owners Manual Pdf from third party website, specifically unreliable one, the information may possibly be diverse.

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2013 Honda Metropolitan Wiring Diagram

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